The Benefits of Massage

Massage and its Benefits

Massage as therapy has stood the test of time, it has been used since ancient times by the Chinese Greek and Roman Civilizations.

Today many people tend to look at massage as a luxury found only in expensive Beauty Spas and up market Health Clubs, but Massage is a combination of science and the healing arts and provides great therapeutic benefit and has a major impact on:

  • tension
  • stress
  • insomnia
  • headaches
  • high blood pressure
  • chronic pain
  • acute pain

It can in fact promote healing in a variety of adverse health conditions.

There is more to Massage than the touch of healing hands.

Massage by draining tension and stress and manipulating muscles gets the blood circulation and lymph moving simultaneously enhancing the production of endorphins that send positive messages to your brain.

Endorphins are defined as hormone-like substances that are produced in the brain and function as the body’s natural painkillers.  During massage and exercise, these endorphins are released, and this can produce feelings of euphoria and a general state of wellbeing.  The endorphins produced can be so powerful that they actually mask pain.  Physically active people recover from mild depression more quickly and physical activity is strongly correlated with good mental health as people age.

In addition Massage decreases the production of stress hormones which contribute to sluggish metabolism, stress, high blood pressure, premature ageing and weight increase.

Massage increases and improves your circulation, your muscle tension and joint stiffness are relieved thereby improving and enhancing your  overall flexibility of movement and posture which then  contributes to your general attractiveness.

For those of you who exercise regularly or visit the Gym it further improves your muscles and joints and helps you maintain the flow of lymph and contributes to your overall flexibility thereby enhancing your performance whilst training.

Besides all these benefits it just quite simply makes you FEEL GOOD!

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